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  1. Hi ladies. Did anyone renew their subscription but didn’t get the patch yet? I am still waiting on mine. Please let me know what I need to do? Thanks

  2. where would i find the zoom link for tomorrow party.

  3. Hi all. I have a ticket to tonight’s Dynamite on the floor in row G. A friend of mine didn’t know that and got me second row seats. If anyone is interested in going tonight, let me know and I can do a mobile ticket transfer. I paid $368 for the ticket but am willing to let it go for less so someone can enjoy the show live.

  4. My presale code did not work today. Other heels trying to book the March Daily's place event were having the same issue. It's really frustrating and disappointing. I ended up getting tickets by making up a code that worked but it was after the prime seats I had been going for were gone. initially I was #2 in que but my heels code didn't work so I watched a bunch of seats dissappear while I...

  5. Hello beautiful ladies! I hope 2022 is off to a great start. I recently learned that there are recurring game nights; and by recently I mean just the other day while completing the 2021 year end survey. Can someone let me know where I can find more information? Also, are there any other platforms for us heels besides Twitter (i.e., discord, reddit, etc.)?

  6. I got tickets to see Dynamite in DC on the 19th and I am very excited! I haven't seen live wrestling in over a decade! :) Any other heels going? Does anyone know if there is a heels meetup at all before the show?

  7. Just wondering how my fellow Heels feels about last nights Street Fight with Bunny / Penelope Ford and Tay Conti and Anna Jay. My husband saw some other social media posts were fans complained that women got so violent and showed so much color. These ladies were already some of my favorites and I think this just proved all four of them are badasses. You never know which elements of a match are...

  8. I know this isn't wrestling related, but my home state of Colorado could use all the prayers and positive thoughts we can get. Wild fires are devastating us tonight.

  9. And I’m super rad and have tattoos and you’ll wanna be friends with me, so be friends with me. ????

  10. Hi, my name is Shawan and I just joined. Excited to learn more about this community and hope everyone had a great holiday. Can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us in the wrestling world??