1. Click HERE to view the presentation on mental health delivered by Dr. Candice Franco, PhD and licensed psychologist, from our recent Live Virtual Event.  It was an insightful presentation so important in these challenging times.  
  2. Watch AEW Head Seamstress Sandra Gray add some bling and style to create an amazing AEW T-shirt in a demo from our Summer Soiree!  


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Sep. 23 AEW Dynamite
LIVE on TNT @ 8pm ET
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  1. Tonight was really fun! I didn't know what to expect because I've never played that game before, but it's definitely a game I enjoyed! I'm glad I got 5th place for my first time playing! Can't wait for the next one!

  2. After tonight’s blast, we are definitely doing future game nights! So we wanna know what would you like to play?! Leave your suggestions below in the comments!!

  3. Tonight was so much fun!!!! All your guys answers were really funny, escpecily the one about Darby Allin and Griff Garison. I can't wait to do this again. You all are the best!!

  4. I was so excited for game night but apparently terrible at scheduling. Gonna miss out on this one by the time I get home, but I hope you ladies have a fun night, and lots of laughs! Hopefully they do jackbox again in the future, it's one of my favorite party games!

  5. Question, is there a limit on to how many people can be in the zoom tonight for game night? I've been waiting for 25mins for the host to approve me - I wasn't sure if their limiting people on who can be in the zoom call.

  6. Hi guys! I know I haven't done a post yet, but I'm just so happy with everything that has been going on with this community. This game night is the tip of the iceberg, and I am just so excited to play jackbox with my favorite AEW women superstars! I feel like Aubrey and Leva are going to do absolutely incredible for this game night, and I'm sure there's going to be more in the future! I can't...

  7. Ladies I hope you all have so much fun! I may not make it to game night. Duty calls. This week has been crazy busy with crisis calls. Aside from all of my bad assery, I answer calls for those in a crisis and need to speak with someone. I love my work and talking care of people. So tonight, I must sit this one out and attend to those in need. Enjoy yourselves and have a blast! Bring that...

  8. It finally happened. I reported for work yesterday only to find out that on my last work trip, we were exposed to a coworker who later tested positive for covid19. I'm only really mad my company didn't contact me before I went to work! My coworker did what she needed to do to contact them and self quarantine. I work on board trains that carry passengers. So I went home and me and my...

  9. I am still flying with from the adrenaline from that parking lot match main event! That was such a wild ride...pun intended? Best Friends gave Santana and Ortiz an intense fight! I wouldn't mind seeing that kind of match again in the future!

  10. Hi all! Don't know about you but I really enjoyed this week's Dark and Dynamite. They were so much fun. So for fun, I would love to know what match you enjoyed most on each. (no wrong answers, just which one did you have the most fun with.)