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  2. Pro wrestlers Brandi and Cody Rhodes announced in December that they are expecting their first baby, a daughter, together


Heels events
Aug. 04 AEW Dynamite - Daily's Place
AEW Dynamite: Homecoming - 7:00 PM EST
Jacksonville, FL
Aug. 11 AEW Dynamite - Petersen Events Center
AEW Dynamite - 7pm ET
Pittsburgh, PA
Aug. 13 AEW Rampage - Petersen Events Center
AEW Rampage - 7pm ET
Pittsburgh, PA
Aug. 18 AEW Dynamite - Fertitta Center
AEW Dynamite: Houston, TX - 6:00 PM CST
Houston, TX
Aug. 20 AEW Rampage - United Center
AEW Rampage: Chicago, IL - 7:00 PM CST
Chicago, IL
Aug. 25 AEW Dynamite - UWM Panther Arena
AEW Dynamite: Milwaukee, WI - 6:00 PM CST
Milwaukee, WI



  1. I’m taking it way harder than I should take a professional wrestling match. Like I’m legit upset. What the heck?!?!

  2. We keep it cute on here, but I must admit to being rather irritated. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what happened to the feud between Jade and Red Velvet?? What happened to the character who had a backstory and a focus on an opponent? Everything has been so jumbled from the jump. She's money, but this pseudo-storyline about sponsorships is not generating excitement. It's a holding pattern....

  3. Omg that was so much FUN! Had such a lousy day and needed this! Plus winning the first game and getting to chat a bit with Leva and Aubrey, so darn cool! Thanks Heels! You helped turn my frown upside down!

  4. So out of the pure happiness that this company gives me and how much they continue to show their worth, I wrote a little letter that I would love if anyone read it.

  5. Hey ladies, I don’t know about you but I would LOVE an AEW Heels pin to wear at events so we can easily spot and find each other, even if wearing other AEW gear. Grassroots movement to add pins to PWT? ??????????

  6. Hey my fellow Heels! I'm realizing I'm coming up on a year of my membership (Aug 5th 2020!) and what a year it's been. I've been so thankful for this group and community often it being my ONLY social outlet at times during this pandemic. I've got tickets to both Rampage as well as All Out for the Chicago weekend and wondering if any other fellow heels are attending the event? :D...

  7. Hey! Are there any plans for the Heels calls to be hosted on Saturdays in the future? Thursdays and Sundays are difficult over in the UK as it’s 1am and I have work the next day! I’d love to continue being part of the community

  8. hey everyone, it’s been a while since i’ve been active in here! long story short I’ve had a lot going on. i just missed the meeting tonight and i was wondering if someone could fill me in on all of the news. thanks guys, hope you all have a good night! ??

  9. Why can't I only purchase 1 ticket on the presale to Cincinnati?

  10. Ever since we received the Double or Nothing presale code, there has been an increase of men joining Heels it seems just for pre-sale codes and now they have access to all our posts and/or zoom meetings. There may be some Heels who may not feel comfortable opening up on here if they feel like they may be judged by others who aren't here for the right reasons. I just want to ensure this is a...