1. Click  HERE  to watch a tribute to the late, Shannon "Daffney" Spruill 1975 - 2021
  2. Hello Heels! 
 We can’t wait to see you at our End of Summer virtual session on Thursday, Sept .30 @ 8pm ET. 


Heels events
Oct. 23 AEW Dynamite - Addition Financial Arena
AEW Dynamite: Orlando, FL - 7:00 PM EST
Orlando, FL
Oct. 27 AEW Dynamite - Agganis Arena
AEW Dynamite: Boston, MA - 7:00 PM EST
Boston, MA
Nov. 05 AEW TNT Taping - Chaifetz Arena
AEW TNT Taping: St. Louis, MO - 7:00 PM CST
St. Louis, MO
Nov. 06 AEW Full Gear 2021 - Chaifetz Arena
AEW Full Gear 2021 - 7:00 PM CST
St. Louis, MO
Nov. 17 AEW Dynamite - Chartway Arena
AEW Dynamite: Norfolk, VA - 7:00 PM EST
Norfolk, VA
Jan. 12 AEW Dynamite - UNO Lakefront Arena
AEW Dynamite: New Orleans, LA - 6:00 PM CST
New Orleans, LA



  1. Just signed up today after watching Rhodes to the Top last night. Wanted to say hi to everyone!

  2. New to Heels. I've been meaning to do so for a while now and finally did it. Looking forward to making more wrestling friends

  3. HELLO! My name is Gianna and I just joined the Heels community. I'm really excited to be here and am happy to have finally found a community for female wrestlings. I haven't met more than a handful of female wrestling fans and am excited to get to know more! Feel free to reach out and I can't wait to start meeting everyone!

  4. Does anyone know how the free Heels meet and greet for Red Velvet works tonight?

  5. Did anyone else get the All Elite Crate for themselves or someone else in their life? I got it for my husband and he really enjoyed it. I feel it was worth the price. I've already signed up for the second one too.

  6. I won! I won! I can't believe I won! That was a really close game, y'all. I'm very excited that I preordered Jackbox 8 - I can't wait to share this game with my friends. We played a lot of Jackbox during the pandemic, and I have all the party packs. Honestly, having gaming nights with the Heels and with my friends virtually on a regular basis has been saving my sanity. I hope everyone...

  7. Hope everyone enjoyed

  8. Hey guys! I’ve been a member for a few months and I’m finally able to join one of the online events. How does the game night work tomorrow? Just log in and go to the event and hit join?

  9. Hey ladies! The cruise is coming up (next week!) and I am getting nervous. I have never been on a cruise before. Wondering if any of you that have been can give some insight on what to expect on the cruise: how small are the rooms? How packed does it get? How's the food? I'm also trying to figure out how to pack a small gift in the luggage without my husband noticing because the...

  10. We have just finished catching up with our wrestling for last week and even though Knockouts Knockdown was an Impact event I felt it worth mentioning for a few reasons. It was an all women's event on Impact plus witch demonstrated yet again that women's wrestling is more than capable of holding its own each match was just amazing and it was so good to see the crowd fully behind them. I'm...