1. Complex talked to the promotions top wrestlers about its diverse roster, what that means for the sport, and how they're forcing media to progress.
  2. Doctor Britt Baker DMD Reflects On A Year Of AEW And COVID’s Effect On The Company’s Momentum with UPROXX


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  1. Hello Everyone. First let me start off with a greeting. My name is Meagan and I've been a wrestling fan for 20 years. I know a long time and I've seen it all. I hope to meet everyone along the way and talk with you when I have the chance. The reason why I am writing this entry is I have a suggestion regarding something and I hope this is taken into consideration. Earlier tonight, my...

  2. What a great ppv! As much as I love Cody Rhodes (yay, I can say that now!), I'm super proud of Darby Allin for winning the TNT Championship! He was so emotional, which made me feel so happy for him even more! Then The Young Bucks made history as well, winning the tag team championship belts! I'm so happy for them too! Lastly, Hikaru Shida overcoming and staying champ! I love Nyla as...

  3. Hello ladies!!! Just wanted to reach out and see if this group had plans to do anything special in honor of Full Gear this weekend? My family and I are planning to watch from home and I am VERY excited for this match card, particularly Jericho vs. MJF! Which matches are y'all looking forward to the most/what are your match outcome predictions?

  4. I will be heading to Dynamite on 11/4/2020 for my honeymoon!! Hope to see some other Heels out there! <3

  5. Cannot wait for for the 10th for the big announcement of the AEW game **much excite** PS - make sure you don’t start playing Stream Raiders in the interim as it will consume your life

  6. It was SO COOL to see everyone dressed up as wrestlers, book characters, and just all around cool people. You guys all killed it so hard! What a lovely night, spending time with the fabulous ladies of heels is legit my *favorite* past time! Also, ABADON IS SO SCARY OH MY GOSH. She is the COOLEST. Terrifying and glorious all in one - the perfect embodiment of Halloween! Have a great...

  7. I live on the west coast and didn't realize that the Halloween party has already come and gone... I literally only bought a subscription just for that event and I got kinda screwed... Will there at least be an upload of Abadon's Q and A?

  8. OMG! So much fun. The ladies of AEW of beautiful and fierce. Thank you for taking time to chat with the fans and coming down to our level! All the fans were so amazing and festive. I loved the participation. Hoping to build relationships from this amazing community of ladies.

  9. Zoom Halloween was so much fun! Thank you HEELS for another awesome night!

  10. They're too short! This was another fun night tonight!